Stoner: Learn from Austin’s experience

I would like to express my concerns with underage drinking or drinking problems in general of any age.
I sincerely hope that Austin will be remembered by his friends here, as he loved to be with them as much as he could. I also want everyone to realize and see the problems drinking and drugs causes.
Austin made his choices, but since his death many people have called and offered service, sympathy and conversation. There have been so many comments about, “Oh, I saw Austin at a party where is was so wasted, I saw Austin at this place, passed out and snoring, but didn’t want to wake his dad, because he works early in the morning,” etc. Please now see Austin as a leader. Let him guide you to speak up to each other. Tell friends, family, healthcare providers, teachers, police officers or anybody who will listen the troubles you or someone else is having. I know from experience how strong peer pressure is in young adults. Please use that pressure for a benefit, pressure each other into saying “no,” pressure each other into talking about the problems, pressure each other to live another day, and do not pressure each other to see who can get the best high. We appreciate all of the support and kindness sent our way. We are asking to be watchful and not let another senseless loss occur.
Dorothy Stoner