Story was invasion of privacy

This is a total invasion of privacy! You have no right to write your opinion of what you may think happened until it is proven to be the facts, and even in that instance, it is not the public’s business. Of course you have the right of freedom of speech but only if the facts are proven to be correct, and as you stated this issue is still under investigation. Not to mention the fact that as small as Meeker is, this article is only destructive to someone who is fighting for their life as well as their family. You weren’t there, you didn’t not talk to my father or anyone in the family. I feel sorry for you that you can’t find any better things to write about. How about writing a story of good like our soldiers in Iraq, instead of prying into someone’s private life. I pray that something of this magnitude never happens to you or your family and the first thing some noisy reporter wants to do is to humiliate you or your family instead of leaving it alone.
Shala Hixson

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