Streaker Sightings

MEEKER | Wow, another great trip. We had only six with us this time: Phyllis Wigington, Dorothy Chappell, Norma Oldland, Evelyn Pomeroy, George LeFevre, Betty Oldland, Sherry Overton and Sharon Tripp.
The first day we got to Williams, Ariz., and settled into our rooms. Then we went two blocks over to the Route 66 historic town and walked up and down the street. We also saw a gun-shooting show, (which we have to say, Meeker’s is so much better).
God just amazes us in the things He does to amuse us. The second day we had a drive and saw scenery that not many other people will see. Then we got to the Grand Canyon Skywalk. The scenery there was awesome. On the skywalk we could go out and look down through the glass horseshoe-shaped walk and see for thousands of feet below us. And the same with the next-day scenery at the Grand Canyon, minus the skywalk. But we did do the Imax and got to feel like being in a plane and rafting down the Colorado River.
Coming home it had been raining, and we saw water coming in rivers where it had been dry a couple of days before. Then God in his awesomeness just blessed us with another adventure — a flat tire. This has been the first time in all the years that we have been doing tours that we had a flat tire and we hope it will be the last time.
We had a fabulous trip. Come join us next year for our big adventure to who-knows-where.