Students earn honors at local art show

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MEEKER — The Meeker High School art department held its annual Spring Art Show last week at Mountain Valley Bank.
Local professional artist John Kobald judged the show. Kobald picked one piece from each grade level for a “best of show” award.
For the ninth-grade Jake Neislanik won with an acrylic painting of a clown.
Jamie Woodward won the 10th-grade award for a clay vase with woven handles. The junior best of show went to Monica Matlock for an oil painting of a ship at sea. Jessica Rodebaugh was awarded as the 12th-grade artist with an oil still life painting with flowers.
Art teacher Andy Goettel is very pleased with the amount and the quality of art his students produced this year. Students winning first place ribbons are: Rachel Smith — oil paint, Janae Kindall — oil paint, Brett Caroll — Acrylic, Elissa McGlauclin — watercolor, Timbre Shriver — watercolor, Spencer Madison — charcoal, Aaron Piper — print, Nichole Oliva — print, Ryan Wix — pastel, Johnny Wix — industrial, Laura Glass — pastel, Seth Boesch — pastel, Colton Brown — clay, Marc Papez — clay, Bubba Mazzola — clay, Tyler Matrisciano — clay. Second place: C.J. Massey — oil, Jen Bain — oil, Austin Seely — oil, Jacob Frantz — oil, Dillan Pearce — acrylic, Gabie Goettel — acrylic, Meg Neislanik — CG, Jeseph Galvan — Pen, Jamie Gillis — CG, Jake Neislanik — pastel, Johnny Wix — Pen, Bubba Mazzola — pastel, Dillan Pearce — clay, Gabie Goettel — clay. Third place: Seth Boesch — oil, Cameron Glasscock — oil, Laura Glass — oil, Carlos Jarez — oil, Hannah Fitzgibbons — oil, Elissa McGlauclin — oil, Rachel Glass — oil, Ben Gerloff — watercolor, Johnny Wix — watercolor, Monica Matlock — acrylic, Marc Shultz — graphite, Tyler Matrisciano — charcoal, Sydney Cook — charcoal, Makaila Etchart — pastel, Josh Prescott — charcoal, Kelsey Brown – pastel, Bubba Mazzola — clay, Jon Uristegi – clay, Mitch Jacob — clay, Tyler Matrisciano — clay, Trenton Schindler — clay. Honorable mention: Marc Papez — oil, Tina Bain — oil, Sydney Cook — oil, Gabie Goettel — oil, Makaila Etchart – w/c, Laura Glass — w/c, Makaila Etchart — charcoal, Nicole Oliva — clay, Britaney Dowker — clay, Marc Shultz —pen, Keenan Walter — CG, Logan Hale — pen and Carlin Daggett — clay.