The world of ‘Harry Potter’ recreated at Parkview Elementary School

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RANGELY | The world of Harry Potter was recreated within the walls of the Parkview Elementary School in Rangely on Friday, Oct. 21. Some of the attractions present for A Night at Hogwarts included Gringots Bank, a visit to the infirmary with Madam Pomfrey, Hagrid the Giant and Snape’s Potions Class. Also of interest were the Sorting Ceremony and even the Dursley’s living room. The planning and the detail that went into the event was evident as the attractions were well done and in full detail. Visitors were greeted by a recreation of Platform 9-3/4, situated at the front doors of the school building. There were various characters and classrooms that readers have grown to know and love on display. There was even a Quiddich game played in the gymnasium. It has been nine years since the last Harry Potter book was released, and enthusiasm for the series only continues to grow with the release of a new movie next month. The idea of recreating the world of Harry Potter is a great way to facilitate interest in reading and the adventures it can create in the mind of children. It was evident the goal was to make reading come to life and create a venue where fantasy meets reality. Harry Potter fans of all ages can enjoy these types of events for a fun and interesting evening, but the effect is a lasting and an important one: reading is an adventure. It can take you places, like Hogwarts, that are part of a fantasy world. Fun and education can and should go together.