Tis the season to give thanks

I’m thankful that both my husband and I have been able to work throughout this pandemic. I’m thankful for our health and above everything, I am thankful for my beautiful daughter!
~ Kaylee Ahrens

I am thankful for the people who are our first line of defense. Law enforcement and paramedics as well as hospital staff. Also, I’d like to give a shout out to the folks that work in the markets and convenience stores. They put their own health at risk just like health care and law enforcement.
~ Brett Dearman

Getting to spend more one on one time with my husband! We have discovered when we can retire we can be together a lot and be OK. The slowdown has been very good for us.
~ Melanie McKee

The pandemic has reminded all to stay home if you feel sick. A simple infection prevention measure that society had forgotten about.
~ Sarah Coker

Thankful the family is healthy and close in spirit, even though we can’t be together this year, we are closer than ever.
~ Thomas DeVito

I am thankful that I can see God’s hand and faithfulness in my life. Even through a most difficult year.
~ Chelly Peters

God has made it OK to stay at home and enjoy your family again through this virus … and for that I’m so very thankful.
~ Velvet Scott

President Donald Trump!
~ Tom Kilduff

God’s love and President Donald Trump.
~ Sheryl Little-Myers

I’m grateful to live in the USA where we get to make our own choices without government retribution, & of course, I am thankful for family & friends!
~ Cathie Dolan