Town of Rangely preps for spring

RANGELY | The Rangely Town Council met on Tuesday in a short meeting where they approved a donation to Rowdy Worm and heard updates on upcoming projects from Town Manager Peter Brixius.
According to Brixius the town has received four resignations in the last six weeks, mostly in the gas and police departments. They are considering only replacing two of the positions to provide a cost savings to the town.
Brixius discussed the plans by Verizon to put in a new cell tower near town hall. Verizon is currently in Phase I of the study.
The town is gearing up for spring. This includes preparing the raw water system, which will be turned on April 15. The town is planning to check the entire raw water system this summer to ensure everything is functioning correctly. They are also currently accepting bids for the annual chip seal on the roads. Brixius is anticipating slightly more than two miles of chip seal this year.
The new billboards on both the west and east ends up town went up this week. The new slogan for Rangely is “Rangely: Way Outside of Ordinary.”
Rangely High School students Payton Myers and Alana Wiley approached the council to request a donation for Rangely’s annual Rowdy Worm, an after prom event designed to keep kids out of trouble. The board agreed to give them $750 but asked that they buy as much locally as possible.
The Rangely Town Council meets again on Tuesday, March 28 at 7 p.m.