Tracy Lawrence brings special brand of country to Range Call

NASHVILLE, Tenn. I With 17 No. 1s, more than 30 charted singles on the Billboard Hot Country Chart, 10 studio albums, five specialty records and more than eight million albums sold, multi-platinum selling country star Tracy Lawrence is poised to turn the page to the next chapter in his 18-year music career. Rocky Comfort Records announced its second label release entitled “The Rock,” an inspirational country CD.
Continuing to demonstrate Lawrence’s dedication to the tradition and heritage of country music, “The Rock” is no exception.
“This project is really not a departure from the music I’ve always recorded. The music is still in the same vein but the messages are a little more moving. It’s a powerful combination that I think will touch a piece of everyone’s heart,” Lawrence said.
Released in June 2009, “The Rock” is an honest, emotional and realistic collection of embracing musical stories that carry the listener on a spiritual journey through the ups and downs of a meaningful life. The album is a two-fold paramount event for Lawrence, both personally and professionally, serving as his introduction into the inspirational country genre and a commitment kept. A man of his word, Lawrence made the promise to his parents that he would one day record an inspirational album. The day has come. Now, feeling more knowledgeable with life experience, married with two young daughters, Tracy is in the right place and in the right time, in his heart and in his life, to deliver what is a passionate, powerful and moving musical offering.
“My mom and dad have been coaxing me for years to record an inspirational country CD,” Lawrence said. “I promised them I would, but kept pushing it off because it just didn’t ‘feel’ like the right time. I had to grow, personally and artistically to get here. ‘The Rock’ is where I am today.”
The album marks another important milestone for Lawrence; this the first project he has recorded with his road band. The serendipitous comfort and harmony between the members translated from the stage into the studio, where they recorded “The Rock” in just two days.
“It was great to work with the guys. This is something I’ve always wanted to do and I think the end result is just magical,” added Lawrence.