Transportation panel report released

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RBC — Gov. Bill Ritter today presented his Blue Ribbon Transportation Panel’s final report, “A Report to the People”î to the legislature’s joint transportation caucus.
The complete report is available by visiting Gov. Ritter’s Web site, www.colorado. gov/governor.
Gov. Ritter praised the 32-member Transportation Panel, including co-chairs Bob Tointon, State Treasurer Cary Kennedy and Colorado Transportation Commissioner Doug Aden. He also noted that the report is dedicated in honor of the late John Parr, who helped facilitate the panel’s work.
“Transportation is one of the most important issues facing Colorado,” Gov. Ritter said. “A safe and efficient transportation is key to our economy, our communities, our overall quality of life and our future.
“If there is one thing that is clear from this report, it’s that we have an imperative to take action now,” Gov. Ritter added. “It is incumbent upon every Coloradan to recognize the importance of reaching consensus and working together to create a 21st century transportation system.”