The CSU Rio Blanco County Extension Office held a fruit tree pruning workshop on Saturday, March 20 at the home of Connie Hughes | COURTESY PHOTO

Don’t think you can grow fruit trees in Meeker? The trees at Connie’s prove that you can. She has 14 fruit trees including plum, cherry, pear and a couple of varieties of apples that are thriving even though they were due for some pruning.

Susan Carter, Area Extension Agent and Horticulture Agent and her husband, who also has a degree in horticulture, traveled from Grand Junction to Meeker to demonstrate the when, how and why of fruit tree pruning. Attendees learned how to select branches to prune, the proper angle to cut and what benefits to expect when the tree produces fruit this summer. For example, thinning branches that cross each other through the center of the tree helps to open up the tree canopy to sunlight. Sunlight and photosynthesis are the driving forces behind fruit production. Thinning and pruning will also result in larger, easier to reach and better fruit.

Watch for similar workshops in the future. For more information or to suggest topics of interest, contact Linda Masters at the RBC Extension office 970-878-9494.