Typical Bud Striegel

Bud Striegel, left, with his friend Julius Poole.

Bud Striegel, left, with his friend Julius Poole.
Rangely’s Bud Striegel remembers his mom used to say something needed to be done to spruce up the east entrance to town.
So, in his typical get-things-done-without-a-lot-of-fanfare way, he decided to take on the project himself, donating the labor and materials for a dryland park.
“He is a person that sincerely does not look for recognition, but how can you help but recognize Bud and the Striegel family for their magnanimous contributions to our community,” said Rangely Town Manager Peter Brixius. “Bud approached the town in January about a project that would enhance the east end of town and Camper Park. He said that he had a vision for this property and we talked about an artist’s rendition.
“A few weeks later, the town’s building and grounds supervisor, Dave Karschner, produced some artwork based on the conversation and vision that Bud had proposed in our earlier meeting. From that point, the creative juices that Bud Striegel has employed in many other projects began to take shape at the east entrance of Rangely as he contoured and landscaped the first areas of the project. I like to joke that W.C. Striegel Inc. was the low bidder on the project, but the fact is this project would not happen without the donation of labor, equipment, resources and talents of Bud and his staff and a number of volunteer contributors, many who have stepped in at Bud’s request.
“I cannot leave out the support that has been given to the project through aerial photographs taken by Frank Huitt, GIS mapping and aerial photography provided by Conrad Stanley and staff and the support of the town’s staff in providing resources as needed.”