Unaffiliated voters get an “A”

RBC | Unaffiliated voters in the county get an “A” for following directions during the June primary election. Unaffiliated voters who received a Democratic and a Republican ballot were instructed to vote only one. If they voted both, neither ballot counted. Ballots were mailed to 860 unaffiliated voters.

One of the arguments against Proposition 108 was that as many as 7 percent of the ballots would have to be disqualified because voters wouldn’t follow instructions. That prediction was proved false in Colorado, at least. The statewide rejection rate was 2.4 percent.

Rio Blanco County unaffiliated voters did even better, with 0.9 percent of ballots rejected. One of the lowest rejection rates in the state, according to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office, which said County Clerk Boots Campbell and her staff deserved credit for getting the word out to voters.