Union cell towers use solar, wind power

RBC I “Cellular on Wheels,” also known as COW’s, have been deployed by Union Wireless for over a year in remote locations; places where a permanent tower isn’t needed, or when the permanent tower permitting process isn’t complete, but wireless communications is critical for safety and security.
Recently, Union Wireless took the COW concept one step further with the purchase two “Green COW’s.” A Green COW is a portable, self-contained mobile tower system complete with a windmill and an array of solar voltaic cells to generate electrical power, thus eliminating the need to run power lines to a location. This technology isn’t cheap, but due to the sensitive areas wireless service is needed, Green COWs will allow Union to provide service in remote places where the company couldn’t before, all without leaving a trace.
Since there is no need to run power or pour concrete, in many respects, the new Green COWs are actually very cost effective. So far, Union has deployed a Green COW on Parachute Peak, between Meeker and Rifle with excellent results in providing extended coverage to people who are with Union and on the big wireless companies that roam on Union’s vast regional network. Permits are currently under consideration for locations throughout Wyoming. To celebrate the launch of the “Green COW” effort, Union is offering free activation, a $35 value plus a $10 credit to each new customer that activates on Union Wireless that opts for paperless billing. Existing customers can also get a $10 credit on their next month’s bill by switching to paperless billing.