Letter: Vaccination should be a personal choice

Dear Editor:

The vaccination mandate proposed in this docket is a knee-jerk reaction to an un-charted and unpredictable man made virus. Unlike Polio, there is currently no vaccine that will put an end to the ever evolving variants of this virus. There is no argument that the vaccines approved by the FDA do, in fact, reduce the severity of most infections, but it should be taken into advisement that full vaccination is not a guarantee of prevention of deadly illness or transmission to others.  There is admittedly a lack of solid empirical evidence to suggest that the experimental vaccines approved throughout the world are safe over the long-term of human life or that they would be any more effective at the end goal of herd immunity than natural exposure through infection.   One example that might bear close scrutiny are the Amish and Mennonite cultures of America.  They predominantly have rejected any of the approved vaccines and through infection, have achieved their own herd immunity. The cost in terms of loss of life, is unknown at this time and it is understood that most of their livelihood stems from working outdoors. However, there has been no change in their way of life in terms of social distancing or prevention and thus they have experienced a high infection and exposure rate.  It is also believed that descendants of “Black Plague” survivors bear a strong resistance to COVID-19. The point being, that the quickest way to herd immunity is through herd exposure either by infection or through the vaccines. Mandating vaccine for all employees of employers having 100 or more, is a shotgun or cookie cutter approach to a problem which is proving to have more than one solution and far too many causes. While many businesses and places of employment provide a perfect environment for infection, there are just as many that don’t. The opportunity for infection is seemingly omnipresent and stems way beyond the work place. (This is noted in the E.T.S proposal.) Front line medical professionals are touting the effects of numerous treatments that have proven to reduce the effects of infection as well as preventing hospitalizations. As antibody treatments are ineffective on strains other than those from which they were derived, i.e., the antibodies derived from the Alpha strain are ineffective on the Delta strain, health care practitioners have found success in treatments commonly derived for other viral and parasitic infections. When coupled with certain steroids and antibiotics, and treatment is given early, the symptoms have been reduced to a point that victims are able to recover as well or better than those with full vaccinations. A bias flaw also exists in requiring testing and mask mandates for the unvaccinated. It is noted in the same studies referenced in this Emergency Temporary Standard (E.T.S.) that infection and transmission is still possible and likely for those that are fully vaccinated albeit allegedly to a lesser percentage. This double standard would then be less successful in prevention or protection given the professed science.  

Another issue taken with this authoritarian approach to public health, is that, in the implementation of this mandate, the lack of consideration listed under cost of forcing compliance or pressuring employers to comply. Nowhere in the mandate, does OSHA accept responsibility for death or permanent injury caused by this E.T.S. There is a growing number of cases where debilitating and deadly effects have immediately followed vaccinations and pharmaceutical manufacturers are exempt from any liability from side effects or deaths created by the biologics they produce. Therefore, in enforcement under the guise of protecting employees from “grave danger,” OSHA is also knowingly places an unknown number of employees in “grave danger” and should absolutely be held accountable in as much as possible. It should also be noted as a medical documentation, that individuals infected with the Delta strain, and as a result, incur blood clots or embolisms are far more susceptible to clotting as a side effect of vaccination.  While scientific studies vary, there are many studies not referenced in the E.T.S. that are not tempered by politics or corporate interest, that strongly support the prospect of natural immunity through natural exposure. 

It is duly noted that the goal is lives saved over lives lost and that the vaccines have saved millions that may have perished had they chosen not to get vaccinated.  For some, vaccination will not prevent death from COVID-19 infection. For most, vaccination will not prevent transmission of COVID-19 to others. For too many vaccination will not prevent breakthrough or reinfection.  For all, vaccination should be a personal medical choice. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


Roy T. ‘Hank’ McKay