Variable weather means variable fishing

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RBC — Rain, snow, bright sunshine, warm temperatures, possibly all in a matter of hours — sounds like another summer day in Colorado. Indeed, the weather across the state has been variable the past week or so, and that is reflected in the outlook for fishing.
Welcome monsoonal rains drenched much of the Eastern Slope, taking the edge off the heat of summer and recharging some lowland reservoirs. While that might have improved fishing for catfish, bass and other warm-water species in a number of reservoirs, wipers also are likely to be more active with the slightly cooler water temperatures and the recent full moon.
Young-of-the-year shad typically are near the surface, whipping the powerful white-bass/striped-bass hybrids into dramatic feeding binges, with the water all but boiling with the frenzied wipers. Early mornings and late afternoons often are the best times, though in some lakes that have heavy boat traffic, the feeding might take place at night.
A wiper bite will be hectic and memorable, but fishermen should be prepared with appropriately heavy tackle.