Volunteers are a make-or-break factor for great healthcare

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MEEKER | National Volunteer Week is April 15-21, 2018.  Each day, volunteers selflessly devote their time to helping others in need.  Pioneers Medical Center is proud and wants to thank its volunteers who provide a wide range of services, from delivering Meals on Wheels to spending craft time with Wing Residents to helping visitors navigate their way through the hospital. 

“They say the best gift is giving of yourself,” says Donna Palmer, PMC volunteer director.  “We love the volunteers who give so generously.”

PMC currently has 33 individuals who provide countless hours of service. Volunteers are an integral part of the PMC Staff and help Pioneers Medical Center carry out its mission to serve the healthcare needs of our community.  Volunteers serve  in a variety of areas. Some volunteers deliver a daily meal to community members as part of the Meals on Wheels program. The WingNuts are volunteers that share their talent and friendship with the Walbridge Wing residents. They offer activities such as sewing, singing or playing Bingo. And a third group of volunteers greets all visitors to the PMC campus and offers directions to their appointment or other business. Since the volunteer program began in 2015, PMC volunteers have logged over 3,700 hours of volunteer service.

Meals on Wheels is a community program that offers meals to residents that are unable to cook for themselves.  Monday through Friday, PMC Dietary prepares an average of 10-12 meals to be delivered throughout the community to members who are sick or unable to cook for themselves.   Volunteer drivers delivered 2187 meals in 2017 to our community members in need.   

Volunteers are always welcome at Pioneers Medical Center.  If you would like to volunteer for any of the volunteer positions available at PMC, please contact Donna Palmer or Danette Coulter at 970-878-5047.