Warranty Deeds: September 2008 Transactions

Seller: Prudential Relocation, Inc.
Buyer: Garrett White
Description: Subdivision: Town of Meeker Lot: 5 Block: 76 1164 Hill St.
Transaction Price: $210,000
Seller: Out South, LLC
Buyer: Colorado State Department of Transport
Description: Section: 9 Township: 2S Range: 94W
Transaction Price: $5,500
Seller: Lenny and Jackie Klinglesmith
Buyer: #17 Enterprises, LLC
Description: Tract: 89 Section: 28 Township: 1N Range: 93W
Transaction Price: $2,700,000
Seller: Lowell and LoAnn Klinglesmith
Buyer: #17 Enterprises, LLC
Description: Tract: 84 Section 27 Township: 1N Range: 93W
Transaction Price: $900,000
Seller: Leon Peterson
Buyer: Darrell and Peggy Aplanalp
Description: Lot: 11, 12 Section: 20 Township: 1N Range: 90W 27600 County Road 8
Transaction Price: $675,000
Seller: Kevin Eyl and Melody Barnhart
Buyer: Eric Hejl
Description: Subdivision: White Addition 69900 Lot: 7 Block: J 226 S Stanolind Ave.
Transaction Price: $95,000
Seller: Gary Payne
Buyer: MudLogic Wellsite Services, Inc.
Description: Subdivision: Hildenbrandt Addition 72395 Lot: 4, 5, 6 Block: 12 308 W. Rangely Ave.
Transaction Price: $36,500
Seller: Stanley and Sheryll Davis
Buyer: Garry and Sandra Glispey
Description: Subdivision: Little Rancho Estates — Survey Plat 266593 Lot: 10
Transaction Price: $100,000
Seller: Grady Ranch, Inc.
Buyer: Noel Richardson, Mary Anne Bosely, Coulter Barrett Young 2004 Trust
Description: Section: 12 and 13 Township: 1N Range: 94W
Transaction Price: $2,298,000
Seller: Donald and Tammy Dahle
Buyer: Manuel Madrid
Description: Subdivision: Sagewood West Subdivision 189097 Lot: 14 Block: 3 1040 Halfturn Road
Transaction Price: $137,000
Seller: Robert and Barbara Fowler
Buyer: Gregory Andrews
Description: Subdivision: Sage Hills Subdivision 196641 Lot: 11 and 12 Block: 4
Transaction Price: $65,000
Seller: Edwin and Alberta Neuleib
Buyer: Golden Villa Homes, Inc.
Description: Subdivision: Little Beaver Estate #2 Replat of parcel 15 281525 2680 Meath Dr.
Transaction Price: $81,500
Seller: Jason and Roseanna Caulfield
Buyer: Jose and Kathleen Carrillo
Description: Subdivision: Buckskin Valley Subdivision 268574 Lot: 12 200 Rim Rock Dr.
Transaction Price: $235,000
Seller: Philip and Judith Palmer
Buyer: Jason and Roseanna Caulfield
Description: Subdivision: Town of Meeker Lot: 9 E1/2, 10 11 Block: 108 655 Cedar St.
Transaction Price: $265,000
Seller: Hester Jane Cogswell
Buyer: Fawn Creek Ranch Company
Description: Section: 19 and 30 Township: 1N Range: 90W
Transaction Price: $210,000
Seller: Roy Chandler
Buyer: James Gray
Description: Section: 5 Township: 1N Range: 102W 3410 County Rd. 102
Transaction Price: $135,000
Seller: Mountain Rose Investments, Inc.
Buyer: Donald and Tammy Dahle
Description: Subdivision: Hildenbrandt Subdivision 69613 Lot: 7 and 8 Block: 6 212 W. Rio Blanco Ave.
Transaction Price: $160,000
Seller: Patricia Nereson
Buyer: Brett Watson and Dessa Linsley
Description: Subdivision: Tinervin Estates Subdivision 189339 Lot: 1 Block: 1 1335 County Rd. 36
Transaction Price: $145,000
Seller: Marvin and Paula Michele Conwell
Buyer: Rhonda Cochran, Sidney and Wilma Faver
Description: Lot: E1/2 1, 2 and 3 Block: 69 713 Hill St.
Transaction Price: $157,500
Seller: Jeffrey and Maria Musgrave
Buyer: Richard Wilson
Description: Subdivision: Little Beaver Estates #1 265430 Lot: 6 668 Meath Dr.
Transaction Price: $110,000
Seller: Benton and Karen Jensen
Buyer: Glenn and Rose Abbott
Description: Subdivision: Foothills Subdivision 183727 Lot: 2 and 3 1107 Pinyon St.
Transaction Price: $180,000
Seller: Ronnie and Cynthia Halcomb
Buyer: James Allen and Kendra Dembowski
Description: Subdivision: La Mesa Subdivision 208675 Lot: 1 Block: 1 1142 La Mesa Circle
Transaction Price: $210,000
Seller: Town of Rangely
Buyer: Gregory and Tiffany Skelton
Description: Subdivision: Ridgeview Subdivision #1 289323 Lot: 12
Transaction Price: $31,400
Seller: Lucas Renninger and Jeremy Bergren
Buyer: Justin and Kimberly Pretti
Description: Subdivision: Cross L Estates Subdivision 282581 Lot: 17 263 Love Ln.
Transaction Price: $415,000