Weather causes WREA system outages

MEEKER | Spring’s heavy wet snow resulted in power outages throughout WREA’s system on May 22. “Rain that turns to heavy wet snow followed by dropping temperatures make for the worst possible conditions to keep the lights on,” said Frank Sampson, WREA Manager of Operations. WREA crews were called in to respond to outages in the early morning hours on Wednesday and worked until the last member was turned back on around 9:15 p.m. “The line crews were amazing; trees were down throughout the system and many across our power lines. It was a cold wet day and the issues that need fixing never happen in easy to get to spots,” said Sampson. WREA appreciates everyone’s patience with one of the longest outages in recent history. “We work all year to maintain a  quality and reliable system and in one day Mother Nature can wreak havoc,” said Alan Michalewicz. Michalewicz went on to say that it was a great team effort with everyone in the front office fielding calls from members to the line crews that worked tirelessly until the lights were back on. Michalewicz also reminded folks who have in-home generators that it is a good time to have the generators inspected to ensure they are properly installed with the appropriate safety settings. It can take the system a few days to fully rebound from an outage such as this and WREA encourages members to call with any is sues or concerns. “Thank you again to our members, our line crews and front office. Everyone went above and beyond and it is appreciated,” said Michalewicz.

Special to the Herald Times