Wet weather equals cheaper water bills

MEEKER | Thanks to a wet spring and early summer, water consumption is down significantly. That means about $52,000 less in revenue for the town this year compared to last year. Total a little more than 28 million gallons were recorded by the new meters installed at the town’s well field. “It’s low compared to what we’re used to,” said Public Works Superintendent Russell Overton.

The two new wells drilled as part of the town’s water project are reportedly underperforming, with Well No. 7 expected to be “abandoned and capped” and the town working with the contractor to figure out ways to “further develop” Well No. 8. Negotiations are underway to resolve the issues with the project.

Water, and what goes in it, will be on the November ballot, when Meeker residents will be asked if they want to continue fluoridation of the town’s drinking water.

The town’s board of trustees heard requests for fee waivers from the Rio Blanco Fire Protection District, represented by Luke Pelloni, and Meeker School District, represented by Superintendent Chris Selle. The board agreed to waive the building permit fee for renovations to the old fire house, and the water tap fees for the high school building project.

The Fourth of July was quiet, at least from a law enforcement standpoint, according to Meeker Chief of Police Phil Stubblefield. “The concerts and the dance were quiet,” Stubblefield said.

In other business, the board:

Approved a special events liquor license for Lions Club for OHV rodeo July 20 from 3-12 p.m. at fairgrounds.

Renewed its agreement with Better City. According to Town Manager Lisa Cook there’s a meeting next Monday to discuss possible rezoning and gauge input from property owners on the east side of Shults Drive in Sanderson Hills. The rezoning would allow for townhouses and smaller lot sizes if approved. “We want to gauge how they [property owners] feel about it before moving forward,” Cook said. The meeting is at 6:30 p.m. Monday at Town Hall.

Approved a $500 donation to the Meeker Mustang Makeover group.

Approved an AGNC (Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado) compact in support of “domestic energy and electricity production, mining and agriculture within the Town and Colorado Counties all of the corresponding benefits to the economy, our nation’s security, our state’s financial well-being, and the health of our community.” The full resolution is available here: tiny.cc/agnc

By NIKI TURNER | niki@ht1885.com