What happens after election day?

Ten returned ballots are randomly selected and set aside to be opened eighth days after Election Day. This is called the “Eight Day Hold” procedure. These ballots, along with any out of country residents’ ballots and any Provisional ballots are then processed and counted on the ninth day after the election. The ten ballots are set aside to protect the privacy of ballots returned by out of country residents and also voters whose ballot was received on time but then were sent a letter requiring ID or verification of signature.

After that process we have a required Risk Limiting Audit that can take two to four days to complete due to all 64 counties completing and passing the audit. After the audit is over, we then have the Canvass Board comprised of election judges of both major parties who have witnessed the audit and examined reports, along with the County Clerk who is the Designated Election Official for the county, certify the results of the election. The entire process usually takes about 15 to 18 days.  The County Clerk can then issue Certification of Election certificates.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The most recent unofficial election results put county participation at 49.99%, up from the 38.25% we reported last week. 

There were no other major results changes. View updated unofficial results by clicking the button or visit https://results.enr.clarityelections.com/CO/Rio_Blanco/111109/web.278093/#/summary


RBC Clerk & Recorder

Special to the Herald Times