WREA looks to develop solar garden at MHS

MEEKER I White River Electric Association, Inc., is pleased to announce that it is in the final stages of developing the WREA Meeker Solar Garden.
Increased efficiencies in solar technology and declining construction costs made this an opportune time for WREA to build Meeker’s first solar garden. White River Electric is excited to join forces with the Meeker School District on the project since the solar garden will be located on land leased from the school district at the corner of Bob Tucker Drive and School Street (the old swimming pool lot).

The WREA Meeker Solar Garden’s primary purpose will be to generate cost-effective electricity for the benefit of the WREA membership. In addition, it will also be used as an educational resource for the Meeker School District and a portion of the output from the panels will be allocated to the school district in exchange for the lease of the property, which will result in a corresponding reduction in the school’s electric bill.
The project requires a variance from the Town of Meeker and was examined by the Planning Commission on Monday, and will be presented to the Town of Meeker Board of Trustees on Tuesday.
The proposed WREA site will be a 100 kW solar garden with approximately 398 panels. WREA will own, operate and fence the solar garden.
Remaining available panels will be leased to members on an annual basis. Each leased panel’s solar production will be used to offset the leasing member’s electric bill. WREA believes that the solar garden is a fiscally responsible project that provides members with access to affordable, local, renewable energy.
Subject to Town of Meeker approval, WREA plans to begin construction on the solar garden before the end of the year with panels available for members to lease by next spring.
Specific details of the Meeker Solar Garden will be available by the end of the year with plans to advertise the solar panel leasing program in February.
Please call WREA with questions at 970-878-5041.