Wyoming wolf sighted in Jackson County

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RBC I A wolf recently sighted and photographed in Jackson County, Colorado, was confirmed by Wyoming Game and Fish to be a dispersing male gray wolf from Wyoming.

The collared wolf is from the Snake River pack and was last recorded by transmission signals on Feb. 12 during routine telemetry flights around South Pass.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife will monitor the area but is no longer actively pursuing the wolf’s location. CPW will remain in close communication with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the USDA Wildlife Services, Wyoming Game and Fish and local municipalities. Under the Endangered Species Act, harming, harassing, or killing a gray wolf other than in cases of self-defense is unlawful.


  1. We need to address this problem. Unfortunately it looks like if we dont introduce a population we wont be able to manage them. Its a double edged sword, but I’d rather be able manage a problem than have to sit back and see it fester

  2. For those who think killing them is in your favor note this. ALL ARE GPS, tracked, and the DOW knows who is in the area at all times. If they are hurt or killed you will see jail! I for one am in favor, besides they have been here since 1987.

    Many years ago while going through microfilm in the herald I found a paragraph that made such a statement.

    I will have gone through countless research papers on this topic that were funded outside of any agenda. The number one benefit is the slowing and eradication of chronic wasting disease. Yes it will drop the numbers of Elk Deer, and Moose, but it is the high numbers that is also spreading the disease.

    Wolf and apex predators like the Grizzlies that ate also here help break up the herds, and remove the sick and weak! Pretty sure the great designer of earth and its living creatures knew wTF HE was doing!

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