Days Gone By: May 23, 2019

The Meeker Herald

100 years ago

Jeffries Brothers have a new tea, which is named “Silver-Tip Formosa Oolong”—O-O-long. They say it has a kick equal to the one time Elevation Rye, and is in great demand.

There are only about 900,000,000 ways to keep out of trouble, but some men can’t think of one.

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Watson returned from Grand Junction last Friday, accompanied by their daughter, Mrs. Edwin Fairfield, who is feeling very well after her recent surgical operation. Mrs. Fairfield is not yet fully recovered and will have to return to the Junction for further treatment. Her doctor and surgeon, however, thought that a brief visit home would have a beneficial effect, so consented to the trip.

Last Saturday the town marshal “pinched” a lot of auto people for not complying with the Ordinance in “parking” their machines. Most of the victims were country people, but a few Meeker citizens helped to pay the interest on the town debt. Some took it as a good joke, while a few showed signs of being peeved.

Among the graduates of the Colorado State School of Mines this year is Otto H. Metzger.

The Meeker Herald

50 years ago

Nineteen Meeker High students graduated with honors.

Under considerable pressure from the Colorado Department of Public health, the present Meeker and Rangely dump grounds were officially designated as the only places in the county to legally dispose of solid wasted.

Where will Meeker be in 10 years? How much oil is left in the Rangely fields? What plan can we work on to bring touristry to the county? How can we hold some of our young educated? Do our county commissioners have a long-range plan for development of the area? These and a hundred other questions were asked, and some of them answered—most of them discussed—at the Jaycees’ Tourist Host Seminar which was conducted at Sleepy Cat Guest Ranch last week.

The Meeker Herald

25 years ago

Twelve years of formal public education will come to a close for 34 Meeker High School seniors this weekend.

Davidson’s presentation on the doubtful identity of one of the Meeker bank robbers as George Law came as a result of research from work on a photograph of two women from the Brown’s Park area. He suggested that the robber historically referred to as George Law was more likely Law’s nephew, Ellison or “Jody” law.

JC Watt is among 478 University of Wyoming students listed on the 1994 spring semester President’s Honor Roll. The roll consists of all regularly enrolled students who have earned  4.0 GPA for the semester.

Rangely Times

50 years ago

Miss Grace Petz presented the annual Grace Petz Award to this year’s winner, Tony McPhail.

Toledo Mining Co. of Salt Lake City and San Fransisco has announced a “significant natural gas discovery” in Colorado. The area is south of Rangely on East Douglas Creek.

Governor John Love last week confirmed there would be a delay in the underground nuclear blast scheduled for May 22 near Rifle.

Rangely Times

25 years ago

Colorado Commissioners Incorporated (CCI) passed a resolution that in essence calls for the Secretary of Interior to to be more sensitive on rangeland reform. Commissioner Don Davis took this resolution to the Western Interstate Region of County Commissioners held in Bismark, North Dakota. This resolution was followed by a listing of things it was felt Secretary Bruce Babbit must address.

It’s time to gather your family and friends and head out to Columbine Park for the Third Annual Mud Race. It’s Rangely Racing Association’s goal to bring some of the top cars and drivers to Rangely.

I will be retiring as Town Manager on or about July 1, 1994. It has truly been a ride here in Rangely these 14 years, and it has been a near miracle that I survived that long. I recall when I arrived here Feb. 3, 1981 one of the Council members, with tongue in cheek said, “We only keep town managers for two years, because after that they get to know too much about what goes on.” ~ Don Peach

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