New faces of the RE-4 district

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Dwayne Newman — superintendent and Rangely Middle School principal
I am excited to have this opportunity to serve the Rangely school district, and to live in the community of Rangely.
In 2003 we moved to Meeker, where I served as the high school principal for five years. In addition to teaching and administration, I have coached, written curriculum, sponsored student organizations and been athletic director.
All these experiences, and many outside of the field of education, helped me formulate an educational philosophy which focuses on student achievement. Everything we do in the schools, from the instruction in the classrooms, to the discipline in the schools, to the staff we employ, to our transportation of students, to the food we serve, must all be carefully considered in terms of the effect on student achievement.
The educational research is very clear that effective and sustainable change takes a strong leadership team. I am privileged to work with just such a team. Our new high school principal, Nicole Walker, Amy Ward the RMS assistant principal, and Mary Lansing at PES are capable and dedicated educational leaders. This leadership team supports and expects results in student achievement.
Creating a community of learners within the school district is about everyone constantly learning and seeking to improve. From everything I have seen and heard, this already exists in Rangely RE-4.
At every level, from pre-K through high school, involved parents have an enormous effect on student achievement. I have already experienced the impressive support that Rangely parents and the community show for our schools. This kind of community support makes education relevant for the students; and that improves achievement as well.
My sons will be in this school system. I want students in our schools to receive the best education we can possibly provide in a safe, disciplined, and caring environment. This is my goal, my vision, my passion, what I want for my sons, and what I want for every student in Rangely RE-4 Schools.

Nicole Walker — principal, Rangely High School
In July, myself, my husband David, 18-month-old son Alden, two dogs and a bird made the 2,000-mile journey to Colorado from North Carolina. Moving to Colorado was an easy decision for us. My mother lives in Fort Collins and after the birth of our son I wanted to be closer to my family. I never imagined that Rangely would immediately become one huge extended family for us as well. I am grateful for the warm welcome and support from the town and I am honored to be the new principal at Rangely High School. 2008-2009 is going to be a phenomenal year.
I strive to empower all constituents to be active participants and decision makers in school success in general and student achievement in particular. My philosophy is, “We will do whatever it takes to help students, and will accept no excuses.” Student achievement is my primary focus and it is my goal to make sure everyone involved in the learning process understands the primary goals, how they are measured, and to what degree they are being achieved.
I believe that parents play a vital role in the education of their children and I plan to establish meaningful ways to involve them in the educational process both within the school and community settings.
I am a firm proponent of high academic standards and will strive to further enhance the academic rigor and academic excellence at Rangely High School.

Mary Lansing — principal, Parkview Elementary
I am a longtime resident of Rangely and have had the privilege of serving the young people of my community while living here, both as a teacher and as a principal. My husband, Tom Suchar, and I, raised our two children here and are proud of what Rangely Schools offered them. Both of our children are now graduates of Mesa State College and live and work in the Grand Junction area.
Reaching high levels of academic achievement is the primary goal at Parkview. A rigorous curriculum is taught by a team of highly qualified teachers and support staff. Staff assesses students often to gauge progress. If adequate progress is not evident, an intervention plan is developed by a team which includes parents. At Park-view, our community of learners includes our staff. We continually research strategies that will improve education. This year we will give additional focus to the area of writing. The staff will be trained in organizational techniques that are geared to all modalities of learners.
Developing the character to be confident learners and citizens is essential for students to reach high levels of achievement. This philosophy is reflected in our Parkview Pride motto, “Personal Responsibility in Daily Endeavors.” Parkview offers students a safe and stimulating environment in which students are taught behavior expectations appropriate for both the school and the community. Parkview has strong parental support evidenced by the large numbers of volunteers that come to help at school as well as the support that comes at home.
Continued community support is necessary for Parkview’s success. As the 2008-2009 school gets underway, please look at the needs of the schools and take an active role in the education of our young people.

Amy Ward — assistant principal, Rangely Middle School
I believe that we are all a community of learners and that high expectations result in increased achievement for all. My name is Amy Ward and I am proud to be an integral part of the Rangely School District as assistant principal and athletic director for Rangely Middle School.
Since I was raised in a small Texas town it didn’t take me long to realize that I needed to return to life in a rural area with my husband, Allan, and daughter, Briana. We arrived in Rangely the summer of 1998 and instantly fell in love with our new community. The connections that I have made with the students and their families are extremely special to me. I have a passion for education and I hope my passion is evident as I continue working closely with the students, parents, staff and the community as we build an effective educational team.
Students are the most important members of our educational team and are ultimately responsible for their success. Here at Rangely Middle School responsibility begins with good attendance, but also includes preparation for and participation in all classes, as well as treating peers, staff and patrons with respect and dignity. It is our goal that students learn to recognize their own academic progress as a tangible reminder that perseverance, persistence, and patience will result in academic growth. The road toward high achievement lies in continuous efforts to monitor students’ progress and quickly respond to the needs of our students. The staff here at RMS is dedicated to fostering high student achievement within a safe, disciplined and caring learning community.
The future is bright for the Rangely School District. We appreciate your continued support of our efforts to educate your children as we prepare for a successful and rewarding school year.