One Person’s Opinion: Hillary Clinton likely to charge new fees when it comes to fossil fuels extraction

RBC I During her official launch speech, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tossed out a big clue about the direction she would take the country’s climate change policy. If elected, she vowed, she would seek to make the United States a “clean energy superpower” and pay for the transition in part with “additional fees and […]

A Look at the News: Supply and demand: Drilling down, driving gasoline prices up

RBC I There’s an adage in the oil and gas industry, one that could apply to almost any commodity, really: “The best cure for high prices is high prices, and the best cure for low prices is low prices.” That is: High prices lead to more drilling, leading to greater production and, thus, greater supply.

Trans-Pacific Partnership could kick off new boom

RBC I Rifle, Colo., a quintessential Western energy boomtown, has fallen on hard times. High natural gas prices spurred a drilling boom in the surrounding Piceance Basin in the early 2000s. Then, in 2008, prices crashed due to an oversupply of natural gas in the North American market, and Rifle slumped into a bust from […]

Commissioners suspend local impact fees

RBC I The Rio Blanco County Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution on Monday that temporarily suspends impact fees for all development permits issued from Monday through Feb. 8, 2016.

Another View: Oil boom hasn’t busted, but our falling oil prices can’t be ignored

RBC I It was just last month that I asked, in this magazine (High Country News), whether falling oil prices would kill the shale revolution. At the time, a “low” price for oil was $80 per barrel, which was more than 30 percent lower than the summer high.

Guest Editorial: Opinions differ widely on the future of natural gas in country

RBC I The wide-scale deployment of hydraulic fracturing, the technique of blasting water and chemicals into the ground to release trapped hydrocarbons, has, over the last decade, vaulted the U.S. into the position of leading natural gas producer in the world.

Final EIS sets rules for oil, gas exploration in White River Nat’l Forest

RBC I White River National Forest Supervisor Scott Fitzwilliams announced on Tuesday the release of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and Draft Record of Decision (ROD) for future oil and gas leasing on the Forest.

Hickenlooper, Jewell agree on Roan Plateau oil and gas accord

RIFLE I Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell on Friday joined Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper to announce a landmark agreement that will help protect the Roan Plateau near Rifle while also encouraging natural gas development.

Guest Editorial: Facts on fracking are ignored; fear is only tool for environmentalists

RBC I Researchers in Colorado just came forward with a shocking claim: hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” the decades-old method of using a high-velocity mixture of water, sand and chemicals to blast through rock to release oil and gas deposits, causes birth defects. There’s just one hitch: it isn’t true.

Strategy calls for coordinating efforts to support oil, gas, coal

RBC I Town and county officials, business owners and special district leaders have continued to meet this month to develop a comprehensive strategy in support of the coal, oil and gas industries in the region and country.

Letter to the Editor: CRED: Oil, gas work together for safety

Dear Editor: For more than 60 years the oil and natural gas industries have worked closely with local community leaders to ensure fracking exists safely alongside Colorado’s communities and environment.

Severance taxes released for use by state counties

RBC I Colorado U.S. Sens. Michael Bennet and Mark Udall welcomed the announcement Thursday by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) stating that the Department of the Interior would, in fiscal year 2014, restore mineral leasing revenues to Colorado communities that depend on those funds to help run local governments and schools and […]