4-H club attends dog agility trials

RANGELY — Saturday, May 24 was a chilly and windy Colorado springtime day for a dedicated group of world-class athletes to descend on the town of Maybell.
The weather had little effect on the competitors, since they all came equipped with their own fur coats, to participate in the North American Dog Agility Council’s annual set of trials. Many breeds and sizes of dogs with their handlers came from across the United States to participate in the hurdles, tunnels, weave poles, an A-frame obstacle and more, all for the love of the sport, praise from their owners, doggy treats and an occasional belly rub. (For the pooches, of course!)
The members of the Rangely club excitedly watched the many rounds of competition and the sterling performances that were given.
Alex Smith, a junior handler from Wyoming, taught the group about training regimens and gave a demonstration on how to work as a team with her dog, using a combination of vocal and hand signals. Those attending the event were Averi Jansen and Haley Paben with their mothers, Dean Faltrino and leaders Barbara Urbanik and Sharon Fazi.
It was a fun, fabulous day and for those interested in watching more contests or participating with your dog, there will be two more trials on June 7-8 and June 14-15 in the Maybell Town Park. The Rangely club continues on a weekly basis to train for the county fair later this summer.