Barone Middle School volleyball teams…

More than 30 Barone Middle School girls are in the volleyball program, and they will take their show on the road to Rangely on Saturday for the annual season-ending league tournament.

phmkbms 7th vballThe BMS seventh-graders are coached by Greg Chintala and Shawn Luce and pictured are in back: Shawn Luce, Sydnie Main, Michaela Jones, Lila Klinglesmith, Kassie Luce, Esmeralda Torres, Ashlee Lawson, Megan Shelton, Krissie Luce, Kenzie Turner, Natalie Gatten and Allie Willey. Front row: Kallie McCain, Savana May, Gracie Bradfield, Kylee Bradford, Tori Lasker and Shelbi Blazon. Mikayla Cardile is in the very front.

phmkbms 8th vballThe eighth-grade team is coached by Roxie Chintala and includes in back: Kiyoko Thelen, Lauren Urista, Mariela Rosas, Elissa Quinteros, Alicia Mobley, Taylor Dodds, Lavender Castaldo, Avery Watt, Madison Kummer, Kascia Cochran and manager Addie Joy. Front row: Carissa Smith, Sierra Williams, Brittney Adams, Maddie Arnold and Abbey Morgan.