LOOSE ENDS: Dinosaurs

September 3, 2021 Special to the Herald Times 0

MEEKER I I spend a lot of time with the dinosaurs. No, I am not an amateur archeologist or paleontologist and taking care of grandchildren involves traveling to museums or excavation sites to see the […]


Two-faced frauds

August 27, 2021 Special to the Herald Times 0

RBC I We’ve become a nation of pompous two-faced frauds. We like to eat good food but hate the farmers and ranchers who produced it. We think food comes from the grocery store and that […]

Letters To The Editor

Letter: Response to Moffitt

August 26, 2021 Special to the Herald Times 0

Dear Editor:  Mr. Moffitt raised some interesting and important points in his letter last week regarding vaccination. I would like to extend that discussion to clarify some of the related issues.  A goal of the […]

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