Child Find a worthy program

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RBC I When asked to write an article for Child Find I debated which direction or approach I should take: that of a current preschool parent witnessing the benefits of the program, or that of a preschool teacher truly believing in the benefits of the preschool program. Consequently, both feel like the right thing to do.
I was nervous bringing my child to screening and then to preschool because we, as parents, always wonder if we’re doing enough, if our children are where they are supposed to be, and if we are giving them what they need. My son would not be in my class, and I was scared to let him “go it alone.” It is their first school experience, their first start to independence. It is huge, and I know now that it is wonderful. I am so proud of him and I am very happy with his classroom. He has gained confidence and I have gained confidence in his independence. He has learned so much and I think he would have sincerely missed out had he not attended. In Meeker the preschool is able to do activities that just couldn’t be done anywhere else. The parents enable this, and I feel fortunate to have my son in the program. I do not feel intimidated as a parent, but rather successful. More importantly, he feels successful.
Professionally I am one of the luckiest people in the world because I work in a room filled with preschoolers. Each day is an adventure, and each day is honestly a blessing. I will admit that most days I, too, learn a life lesson. For example: do not lick the pole in the winter time. Remember to look up when riding a scooter board. Do not forget specific detailed instruction when they all have paint on their feet. And most importantly, laugh. Preschoolers can do anything, and typically they do it with a hug and enthusiasm. Donna Day has created the opportunity for a strong program and the preschool team is made up of amazing individuals I am proud to work with. Together it has made a great all-around preschool program.
We have proof on paper. Colorado and Florida are pilot states for additional federal funding for preschool-aged children. This requires a large amount of data collecting, but it provides concrete evidence of the positive influence preschool has on children. The proof that carries the most weight lies in the fact that the children want to come to school. I want to come to school. Each day I witness kids making genius discoveries. You can literally see them figure it out, and we smile. I am thankful for the opportunity to do what I love to do.
We have our annual Child Find March 7 and 8. We would love to see you there. Walk-ins welcome. For an appointment please call 675-2064.