CNCC now home to Whittle the Wood raptor

This wood sculpture of a dinosaur won the annual Whittle the Wood competition in Craig and has now found a safe haven in CNCC’s Dinosaur Hall on the Craig Campus.
Courtesy Photo

CRAIG | Blue—the winning Whittle the Wood sculpture depicting a raptor-hybrid of the same name seen in the Hollywood blockbuster Jurassic World—was accidentally damaged soon after the event. The City of Craig has repaired Blue, but remained concerned about future mishaps. After learning about the accident and the city’s concerns, CNCC offered its Dinosaur Hall as a new home for Blue.

CNCC President Ron Granger explained, “The possibility of housing Blue at CNCC was brought up at our June Board of Control meeting by several people. James Caldwell, VP of Administrative Services, has worked with Brian MacKenzie, city council member and former CNCC employee, to facilitate and finalize the move of Blue to CNCC.”

The wooden work of art will join a to-scale mural depicting “Walter” the name given to the hadrosaur fossil currently housed at CNCC. This great collaboration between CNCC and the City of Craig provides a safe place to display Blue while also highlighting CNCC’s designation as a U.S. Bureau of Land Management fossil repository.

“We are happy to help preserve this beautiful work of art,” stated John Anderson, CNCC VP of Student Services and the Craig Campus, adding, “CNCC will be a great location to house and protect Blue while still allowing the public access to admire him. He will be in good company with Walter and some of the other amazing pieces in our Paleo program.”

Special to the Herald Times