County 4-H beef show is learning experience

RBC I 4-H Beef projects are up and rolling for 2010.
The annual feeder show was held Feb. 7. Our official was Kenny Burns from Hotchkiss. He has more than 40 years of show barn experience. He ranches, he fits show cattle and he’s a pretty good clipper mechanic. Kenny is also a superintendent at the Colorado State Fair and the National Western. Kenny and his wife put on a pretty good four specie jackpot in mid-June.
Mr. Burns taught us to space our cattle properly in the ring and never to quit showing. He showed us proper use of the show stick; how to walk your calf into position and eliminate “show stick abuse.” He told the senior showman to be careful because some judges in showmanship competition will take away your show stick and see how you do without it! He told us about selection in cattle, including calf confirmation and being ever mindful of structure issues.
Mary Strang and Lisa Walsh bought catered pizza from Ma Famiglia. Anyone who enjoyed the feeder show lunch needs to even up with Mary and Lisa as soon as possible!
After lunch we moved into senior showmanship. Maclaine Shults earned champion showman and Stacey Fitzgibbons won reserve showman.
In the junior division, I was lucky enough to win champion showman. I barely got by Lorie Ann Klinglesmith, who won reserve showman.
Then we went on into the feeder classes. We started in the 800 pounds and under. Two heifers won that class. First place going to Stephen Walsh and second to Dannon Bolton.
In the heavyweight division, Lila Klinglesmith won first with her Charolais steer. In second was Nate Walsh with his huge hairy bear calf!
Thanks to Bill Jordan for getting the arena up and running for us. It was nice to see some Rangely FFA and 4-H members who were able to attend the show. It looks like the 2010 Rio Blanco County steer show is going to be exciting and competitive.
— Madi Shults