County housing study starts Monday

RBC I On Monday, the Rio Blanco countywide housing needs study will get under way.
“The study will be crucial to measuring the counties economic stability and in planning for future housing needs.” said Pat Hooker, Rio Blanco County administrator. “The study will provide the much-needed information to better anticipate, plan and manage housing and service needs for our community and workforce.”
The housing needs assessment will assist Rio Blanco County and the towns of Meeker and Rangely in planning for future housing needs connected with anticipated growth and addressing current gaps in housing. It will establish baseline information from which progress toward meeting agreed upon goals can be evaluated.
The first phase of the research involves an extensive survey outreach effort to employers and employees within the area. Members of the Rangely and Meeker chambers of commerce will be receiving an e-mail with the survey link in the next few days. The purpose of the survey is to gather input from employers in the area to determine the extent to which the availability of workforce housing may be impacting your operations, and to evaluate options for how needs might best be addressed. The survey will also ask employers to provide a link or a paper version of a survey to their employees.
The housing study is a project the Rio Blanco Community Task Force has been working on for a long time.
“First, we had to apply for funding for the project. We were awarded a grant from the Colorado Division of Housing. Then we got the contract in place.” said Sharon Day, Meeker town administrator.
“RRC Associates and Rees Consulting have been hired to complete the study,” said Peter Brixius, Rangely town manager, “We are excited about the study and encourage your participation; the more participation, the stronger the findings. This study is important to help our communities be more flexible in responding to the cyclical nature of industry.”
For more information on the study, or to take the survey, visit, or contact Sarah McClain of RRC Associates at (888) 449-4772 ext. 2120.