Cowboys go 3-2 in season openers

MEEKER | It was a busy weekend and beginning of the week as Meeker Baseball opened their season in Rangely against the Panthers last Wednesday, traveled to Ignacio on Friday for a double header Saturday and then back home on Tuesday for another double header against the Coal Ridge Titans.

The 12-6 win over the Panthers was led by Brayden Garcia, Peter Hanks, Ryan Phelan, and Zach Simonson at bat each with two runs. On the mound Josh Murphy and Liam Deming allowed 11 hits and each struck out four Panthers.

In the first of the two games against Ignacio the Cowboys had a tough sixth inning where they gave up six points and were unable to make up the difference in the seventh. Hanks once again put up two on the scoreboard to lead the team. Garcia spent the majority of the game on the mound striking out seven.

After the Titans visited Meeker the team is now 3-2. Both of the games Tuesday were close and in front of a good home crowd. In game one Garcia, John Hampton Hightower, and Phelan scored for the Cowboys. Murphy was on the mound the entire game, striking out eight, allowing four hits in the 26 at bats.

In game two it was Hightower and Phelan who each hit home plate two times, Joe Mckay, Garcia, Ryan Sullivan, and Spud White rounded out the nine points for the Cowboy victory. On the mound senior Phelan, junior Damek Chintala, and freshman Sullivan got their first shots of the year at pitching. Chintala allowed five hits and struck out five, Phelan didn’t allow any hits and struck out two, and Sullivan, who pitched the majority of the game, allowed two hits and struck out seven.

The team has another home game this Thursday against the Moffat County Bulldogs, the game is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. They will have the weekend off and will host Rangely next Wednesday, another game slated to start at 4 p.m.

By TIFFANY JEHOREK – Special to The Herald Times