Days Gone By: April 5, 2018

The Meeker Herald — 100 years ago

Meekerites woke up Wednesday morning to find a heavy fall of snow coming down. The high winds of the two preceding days was a warning that something was going to happen in the way of changed weather-—and it happened. During Wednesday and Thursday, probably a foot of snow fell, most of which has already gone into the ground, to the delight of dry farmers and range interests.

– If you want to avoid an incipient riot, don’t ask Simp Harp how he came to get “stalled” on one of Meeker’s boulevards last Sunday night. He was out joy riding in his $3,000 Packard (or was in another one-—equally as good.)

– Those of our citizens who have been spending the winter in Denver, California or Florida, are stringing home in fine condition for spring work.

The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago

– Unusual and unexpected encouragement for the Meeker Hotel Block Restoration Committee came in the mail on Monday when a letter was received from Reuben C. Ball, whose grandfather build the Meeker Hotel. The letter lent not only encouragement and gave a decided lift in forward progress, but pledged $1,000 to initiate the support needed, and also promised to give to the project a number of valued and treasured historical mementos of early Meeker.

– Alan Howey, a 17-year-old Meeker High School senior student, is continuing his recovery in St. Mary’s Hospital  of injuries received Friday in an airplane-auto accident 11-1/2 miles west of Meeker on Highway 64. Young Howey suffered concussion, a broken nose and cuts and bruises when the airplane he was piloting struck a guy wire between utility poles north and south of the highway, pancaked into the roadway and then was struck by a car. Driver of the car was Ray Goodrich, 17. He and his passengers, Kathy Goodrich, his younger sister, and Gene Sutton, all Meeker High School students, were uninjured.

The Meeker Herald — 25 years ago

– Five high school students, two of them girls and all associated with the basketball team, could be suspended from school for stealing shorts from a secured locker.

– Meeker can boast that it has the only team in the country to place three archers in the top four spots at the National Indoor Archery Tournament at Louisville, Ky., last month. Representing the Rocky Mountain Bowstrings were Zack Allen, Sheila Hackett and Mike Hackett.

Rangely Times — 50 years ago

– In the lightest vote since 1952, 186 cast ballots for mayor and six members of the council Tuesday. B.F. Yaeger, again unopposed for mayor, received 154 votes. Joe Seebaum received two write-in votes for the position.

– What started out as a Sunday afternoon pleasure jaunt for seven teenagers wound up involving several dozen people in an all-night rescue effort in rough country north of Rangely. The seven, Frank Cooksey, Kevin Jones and Jim Sommerville of Dinosaur, and Kathy Baker, Linda Sutton and Kathy Pollard of Rangely started hiking about 2 p.m. Sunday through the canyon north of the Plug Hat picnic area in Moffat County. Because of the heavy snow, the group, all students at Rangely High School, ran into trouble about 4 p.m. as they were attempting to descend the canyon walls.

– Fireproof: Being related to the boss.

Rangely Times — 25 years ago

– Over 100 Rangely High School students spent the morning after prom eating, playing volleyball, enjoying casino and carnival games, listening to MTV and trying to win all sorts of crazy contests to win prizes and money. Once again the Rangely community helped make this drug-free alternative activity a huge success and the high school student council sends out a big thank you.

– Rangely District Hospital is pleased to announce the nomination of Kris Schumacher as a candidate for the prestigious Nightingale Award, which honors superior achievements in nursing.

– “A” Honor Roll at Rangely Middle School: Sixth Grade—Kelsey Hejl, Mistalynn Lee, Valerie Medina, Erin Zak; Seventh Grade—Luke Burt, Meredith Byers, Larry Johansen, Aaron Parsons, Josh Prater, Sarah Stanley; Eighth Grade—Ann Hermansen, Zachery Padilla and Ty Petersburg.