Days Gone By: Aug. 6, 2020

The Meeker Herald 125 years ago

• Joe Rooney, the popular clerk at the Meeker hotel, is now under sheriff.

• The Utes have arrived in the lower country on their annual deer-killing expedition. Isn’t it about time the state authorities were taking these hide hunting Indians in-hand? 

• Eight years ago yesterday Colorow’s band of Utes refused to recognize civil authority, and the result was a “war.” Since then but four or five Utes have visited Meeker, but plenty of them come into the western part of the county without fear of being molested.

• For several days this week the hay-makers of this vicinity had excellent weather in which to gather their crops, but Thursday afternoon heavy rain interrupted the work. To-day it looks threatening, and there’s no telling which way “the cat will hop.”

The Meeker Herald 100 years ago

• No wonder the traveling public is kicking on the Meeker-Rifle road. Anyone in need of a shaking-up can get it on this road at the present time.

• One of the heaviest rains of years visited Meeker and up-river section on Tuesday. It helped out on our Two Million Dollar proposition, and didn’t do much damage on the side.

The Meeker Herald50 years ago

• During the county commissioner’s meeting Tuesday, Commissioner Hugh Caldwell sounded the warning that next year’s county budget would be tight as the county valuation has dropped approximately 5 ½ million from last year, due to the decreasing oil production of the Rangely oil fields. 

• Rick W. Nieslanik, son of Bernard Nieslanik of Meeker was selected for his exceptional ability in science and mathematics and sponsored for the 12th annual Frontiers of Science Institute at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley.

The Meeker Herald25 years ago

• The board approved Sam Love Jr., for early admission to Kindergarten. He will be five years old in December; normally, students must be five in August. The board agreed to admit him early based on the results of extensive tests that indicated he was ready to tackle kindergarten. 

• 1995 Fair Results: Sheep Champion Ewe – Kelcee Milton. Poultry Best of Show – Jeanie Peterson. Dairy Cattle Champion Female-All Breeds – Bonnie Coryell. Beef Champion Commercial Heifer – John Raley

• Police assisted in getting Susan Stubblefield to the hospital after she tried going through Larry Ottosen, who was guarding a base, at a softball game.

Rangely Times 50 years ago

• The Garden Club presents its seventh annual flower show and silver tea at the Rangely Junior High School on Saturday, August 15. Theme of the show is “This Is My Country.” 

• The Defense Department is financing a semi-secret project in the Rangely oil field to determine if earthquakes can be created on demand. Started more than two years ago, the project has created hundreds of small earthquakes for measurement. The earthquakes are caused by the same process estimated to have caused the tremors in Denver during the past 10 years, the pumping of fluids into deep wells.

• Rangely was sprayed for mosquitos again this week by the Meeker Flying Service. Spraying, in addition to the city, were the cemetery, airport, Chevron housing camps and the areas along the river.

Rangely Times 25 years ago

• “Tinderbox Town” Less than a week after 31 fires threatened northwestern Colorado, three more this weekend had firefighters working feverishly to keep the blazes contained. The largest fire started Sunday afternoon started behind the town shop east of town. A lightning strike sparked the fire, which quickly spread, fanned by gusty winds that kept changing directions.

• Rebecca Olree is Rangely’s first qualifier for United States Swimming, Inc.’s Western Xone Meet. She’ll take her 100 Back, and 100 and 200 Breaststroke to Seattle soon! Congratulations to this hard worker and Good Luck!

• Rangely’s Deserado coal mine rescue team won third place overall in the Rocky Mountain Rescue, Bench and First Aid contest held in Price Utah on August 1-3. This annual competition, which tests the teams’ ability to respond to situations which might be found in underground coal emergencies, is sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Coal Mine Rescue Association, the Utah State Industrial Commission and the MSHA.