Days Gone By: June 25, 2020

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Meeker Herald 125 years ago

• Ex-President Harrison must mean business; he has muzzled his talkative son, Russell.

• Money having been the leading family question for many years it is not surprising to find that it has now grown to be a national question.

• A shrewd and observing writer says that the deadest of all dead things is a boom town after the boom has “petered” out; and the truthfulness of this conclusion has come to be recognized as one of the most firmly established aphorisms of the present day. Meeker and Rio Blanco county have never had any booms, don’t want any at the present time, or at any future time. Booms are not needed to push this county to the front; its natural resources and advantages do that without artificial aid, and this is the way we want things to continue. 

• There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.

• The corn crop has been killed again. It was first frozen and then roasted. 

Meeker Herald 100 years ago

• The fireworks display will be worth seeing.

• All indications point to a good first cutting of alfalfa.

• Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Oldland had a visit from the stork last Thursday, June 17. The kindly disposed bird left a fine girl. All well.

Meeker Herald 50 years ago

• Meeker — which boasts the oldest continuous rodeo in the state — will jerk open the chute for its famed Range Call Celebration July 4 and 5.  

• The Meeker Public Library will begin its program of summer reading on Monday, June 29.

Meeker Herald 25 years ago

• Out west, people who perch on the top of the fence are called “rail birds.” These young cowpokes were rail-birding at the 4-H horse show held in Meeker last weekend.  

•  Shane Stout and Tom Pearce are going to Washington D.C. this weekend to represent Colorado at 4-H Citizenship-Washington Focus at the National 4-H Center. 

Rangely Times 50 years ago

•  State Highway Department crews Monday were working to re-stripe Main Street through Rangely.

• Driving is just like baseball, it’s the number of times you get home safely that really counts.

• Will you be a political dropout? We could look back in history to the many elections decided by one vote. We don’t think it necessary. The only way you can prevent becoming a political drop-out is to make sure you cast your vote.

Rangely Times 25 years ago

• U.S. Representative Scott McInnis, R-Colo., held a town meeting in Rangely Friday, June 23, as part of a whirlwind meeting tour before heading back to Washington. 

• The Rangely Times, long mistaken for a funeral home with just an awning as a marker, ended its anonymity on Main Street last week with the addition of a sign. 

• In what must have been an extremely explosive event, a 75 foot long section of shale fell into the White River sometime between June 17 and 20. Don Polley alerted the newspaper of the phenomenon.