Days Gone By: June 28, 2018

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The Meeker Herald —

100 years ago

The Collom Mine

Through the courtesy of Mr A.C. Moulton, a party of Meekerites visited the famous Collom coal mine at Axial Thursday. The party was fortunate in that they arrived just in time to be photographed with the first 5-ton truck of Ute coal as a background, as the truck was about to start for Craig, from which point the coal will be shipped to Chicago for exhibition purposes.

Motorcycle Knocks Deer Out

Edward Moscow of Carmel N.Y was hurdled from his speeding motorcycle in a collision with a large deer in the darkness outside this village. He escape uninjured, but the deer was knocked out, and it laid stunned in the road for hours.

The Meeker Herald —

50 years ago

Underground Water Supply Discovered In Oil Shale Piceance Creek Basin

The discovery of a substantial supply of underground water in the Piceance Creek Basin in Northwestern Colorado may be a partial answer to the problem of providing adequate water for a commercial Colorado shale oil industry.

Mortgaged Property Charge Dropped Against Meeker Man

Roderick Miller of Meeker, charged with theft of mortgaged property of Minnesota, has been exonerated and charged dismissed by order of the court at the request of Assistant District Attorney George Benner.

The Meeker Herald —

25 years ago

Cooks retain
ownership of The Meeker Herald

The transfer of ownership of The Meeker Herald from its previous publisher Sureva Towler to K. James Cook and family was finalized late Wednesday after about a week and a half of lengthy negotiations between the two parties.

Sulphur Creek flood project gets underway

After a two and half year delay. The second phase of the Sulphur Creek flood control project is underway. Much to delight of Meeker City Administer Sharon Day.

Rangely Times — 50 years ago

June 27, 1968: Three Break-Ins Same Night

Three business places in Rangely were broken into the night of June 17th, but little was taken at each place. Entered were Best-way Store, Nicholas Store, and the Strain Drug.

John Haizlip New Wrestling Coach

Alamosa, Colo. John Haizlip, graduate assistant in the wrestling program at Adams State Collage for their banner year of 1967-68, has been named as the head wrestling coach at Rangely College for the coming academic year.

Rangely Times — 25 years ago

July 1st 1993: River Accident

On June 25th a river accident occurred on the Yampa River at Warm Springs rapid which is a Class IV/V rapid. One fatality occurred, involving a 55 year old male from Wichita, Kans.

Flying Club approaches county

At a meeting of the County Commissioners held in Rangely on the 23rd, Cliff Bradford, representing the model airplane club, approached the commissioners for their sponsorship regarding a piece of BLM land. They had previously approached the Rangely Board of Trustees and, because of possible liability reasons, did not want to get involved and referred the club to the recreation department.