Days Gone By: Sept. 17, 2020

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The Meeker Herald |125 years ago

• Asparagus is the oldest known plant that has been used for food.

• The train robbers who held up the D. & R.G. Western at Crevasse a few days ago, must have been the same parties who held up the Meeker-Rifle stage some time ago, as the job looked very amateurish.

• The warm, summery weather of the early part of the week was followed by a decided drop in the temperature on Thursday and many though our customary early fall storm was at hand, but a heavy frost followed and a clear sky and crisp air greeted the inhabitants yesterday morning and the threatened storm did not put in an appearance — until this morning, when a steady rain set in, which will probably turn to snow before evening.

The Meeker Herald | 100 years ago

• Notice of a proposition to authorize the board of County Commissioners of Rio Blanco County, Colorado, to create an indebtedness in the amount of Forty Thousand dollars ($40,000), for the purpose of erecting a Court House within and for said County, which proposition shall be submitted to the qualified electors of said county at the general election of County Officials to be held on Tuesday, the 2nd day of November, A.D. 1920.

• The first visible snow (from town) of the year appeared on the flattops, Wednesday night.

The Meeker Herald | 50 years ago

• Compromise reached on irrigation, big game in Yellow Jacket Project. Two water boards and Colorado Game and Fish Commission committee and appeared to make a compromise on the controversy around the proposed Yellow Jacket reclamation project.

• Patrolman Rick Donner unexpectedly resigned. Wayne Bryant assumed duties of Chief of Police in October.

• The Meeker School District is considering the new “accreditation by contract”. The school district will assess its needs, establish objectives, and translate the objectives into action statements.

• Rio Blanco County Cattlemen’s Association offers a $1,000 reward for information reading to arrest and conviction of any person stealing cattle from a member.

The Meeker Herald | 25 years ago

• With the recent increase in crimes Police Chief Si Woodruff calls for more cops. Meeker’s four-person force has had to handle the increase from 700 calls to 1,600 calls with an alarming number being felony investigations.

• A round up of wild horses in the Sand Wash basin is scheduled for october of 1995. An estimated 240 horses under six year olds are expected to be removed and up for adoption.

• Meeker town employees’ salaries have been frozen for the past two years. The increase of cost of living is partly related as it has risen 8% those two years. The town council decided to raise their salaries despite the financial outlook.

• Tom Kilduff asks the trustee of the Meeker Town Board for a grant to bring a half-size replica of the national Vietnam Veterans Memorial to Meeker. He asks for donations to go to the Meeker Vietnam veterans group.

Rangely Times | 50 years ago

• A museum in Rangely? We’re working on it.

• Chevron Oil Company has embarked on a pioneering $175 million-plus secondary oil recovery program in a Texas field that may have application at the Rangely field, Colorado’s largest producer.

• It’s somewhat reassuring that the first successful hieroglyphic translation from an Egyptian tomb warned that the next generation would destroy all civilization.

Rangely Times | 25 years ago

• The second planning session for upcoming economic growth and development was held Sept. 18 at 7 p.m. Although slightly hectic as audience members traded ideas in no discernible order, several general comments were made at the meeting. Gaila Bell suggested that a task force be created to look at the pros and cons of bringing gambling to Rangely.

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