Denny invited to play in all-state game

RANGELY I Rangely High School standout senior Kacey Denny has been asked to play in the Colorado 2A all-state baseball game to be held today at Machebeuf High School in Denver, Colo.
Coach Eddie Huntermill first contacted Rangely coach Paul Fortunato and later Kacey to extend the invitation.
Denny has been part of the Rangely High School baseball program since 2006.
While in the seventh-grade, Denny was the manager under coach Kurt Douglas, and eighth-grade manager under coach Paul Fortunato. In 2008, Kacey became Rangely’s starting center fielder for the next four years.
Coach Fortunato says that Kacey became the “utility guy” his senior year.
“His abilities helped the team out when they found themselves in tight situations,” Fortunato said. “He played seven of the nine positions on the field.”
Kacey will be attending CNCC and will walk on for the CNCC Spartan baseball team.
Coach Fortunato said about Kacey,
“He was a joy to coach and be around,” Fortunato said of Denny. “He always plays hard and has a true passion for the game of baseball.”