Draft Hazard Mitigation Plan available for review

RBC | In March 2019, Rio Blanco County began the process of updating the county-wide hazard mitigation plan. Rio Blanco County is completing this update as required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to remain eligible for mitigation grant programs. This plan examines county and local vulnerabilities to a range of hazards (i.e. flooding, wildfire, hazardous materials, etc.) and identifies strategies and projects that can be implemented to reduce risk posed by these phenomena. Throughout the planning process, officials and staff from the county, towns, and fire protection districts have provided insights regarding vulnerabilities, completed projects that have increased local resilience, and future opportunities to further reduce risk.

A draft of the plan has been completed and is available on the Rio Blanco County website http://rbc.us/DocumentCenter/Index/143 for public review. We encourage community members to review the plan, provide comments, and ask any questions they may have during the official comment period. The public review period will end on Dec. 20, 2019. Please submit comments and questions to Ty Gates via email at ty.gates@rbc.us or phone at 970-878-9623.

Special to the Herald Times