Enterprise Products contributes $135K to conservation districts

RBC | Enterprise Products Partners L.P., in one of the largest philanthropic gestures in Rio Blanco County this year, contributed $135,000 to the White River and Douglas Creek Conservation Districts for the purposes of reinforcing their commitment to community partnerships.
In 2016 the districts were informed of an error in personal property tax collection that could have resulted in significant refunds creating financial hardship for the districts in the absence of Enterprise’s decision to forgo the tax abatement.
“Our support for the work of the White River and Douglas Creek Conservation Districts is consistent with Enterprise’s values of doing business the right way, being a good corporate neighbor and a responsible operator,” said Steve Pudlewski, Enterprise Products Director Northern Rockies. ”We are pleased to partner with the communities in Western Colorado and committed to the conservation of public land for future generations, making Colorado a better place to live and work, ” continued Pudlewski.
The White River and Douglas Creek Conservation Districts advocate for multiple uses of public lands and promote the wise use of natural resources with a priority placed on rangeland health, wildlife, water quality and quantity through implementation of the Land and Natural Resources Plan and Policy for Rio Blanco County.
Even though current economic times are difficult in rural western Colorado communities, and for the businesses operating in those areas, Enterprise stayed true to their company philosophy of community support by announcing their contribution to the White River and Douglas Creek Conservation Districts for their ongoing work promoting the wise use of all natural resources.
“When Enterprise committed to forgo the abatement, it was a welcome and greatly appreciated recognition of their support for the conservation and wise use of natural resources and our community,” said Neil Brennan, White River Conservation District President.