Fifth graders present ‘A Night at the Museum’

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MEEKER | The enthusiastic fifth grade students of Meeker Elementary School were given an assignment: Pick a subject they are interested in, research the subject, then create a presentation that will inform as well as entertain. Last Wednesday, May 15, the MES gymnasium was nearly filled with what can only be described as interactive wax museum exhibits.

Each of the students had created a science fair-like trifold presentation board to display their research, but what made it entertaining was the fact that each student actually dressed in costume and gave a 60 second speech from memory.  Each display had an imaginary “start button” that prompted the student to give their speech, followed by a question and answer period.

Fifth grade teachers Keri Grieser, Apryl Newkirk and Kirstie Strate were instrumental in organizing the event, but the students were allowed to follow their interests with limited restrictions. The teachers all echoed essentially the same comment, “The students were allowed to pick their own subjects and we really weren’t sure what we were going to end up with, but we were very pleasantly surprised.”  Judging from the presentation material, the students exceeded their teachers’ expectations as the research was thorough and complete, and the presentations were very animated and informative.

When asked why he picked his chosen subject (the Greek god Ares), Eric Petrocco responded, “I’ve always been interested in Greek mythology.  I just like it.”


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