Focusing on the positive

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RANGELY I This month we started a new reward system at Rangely Junior High School. This new system has different branches. There is the “Caught Being Good” branch and the “Consistency Club” branch. These programs were created to help encourage students to be kind, respectful, and to strive for their best.
“Caught Being Good” (CBG) rewards students for random acts of kindness. If a student is caught being respectful, kind, helpful, etc. by a teacher, the act is documented on a postcard. These postcards are then put into a box in our main office where they accumulate for the week. Every Thursday Principal Swenson pulls two names for each grade from the box in the office. These students then get entered into the drawing for a free CBG hoodie. At the end of the semester one boy and one girl from each grade (sixth, seventh and eighth) will win a hoodie. Each student who receives a postcard also gets a 50 cent coupon to the school concession stand for sporting activities. Students who win the weekly drawing will receive a $2.50 coupon for the school concession stand. Not only does this reward system help the individual who is being a good citizen, it benefits the foundations who run the concession stand to raise money.
The “Consistency Club” rewards students who are consistent with their behavior and grades in school. In order to be a member of the Consistency Club, students must have grades of  “C” or above in all their classes, no tardies and no discipline referrals. This data is collected for two weeks and then documented for rewards. The students who make the list twice during the month, for each data collection period, receive a complimentary breakfast during first hour and time with their friends the last Thursday of every month.
Students and teachers are hopeful that these reward systems will motivate students to be kind, respectful and to strive to be good examples within the school community.

By Echo Campbell, Special to the Herald Times