Fraud alert

The Meeker Police Department would like to remind all citizens to be on the alert for people running scams either on the phone or through the mail. Two types of fraud have been reported recently in our area. The first type is where someone calls and claims that a relative of the person being called is in trouble and needs money. They usually want the money sent out of the country and they will tell you not to contact other relatives. Before sending money to anyone, please check with other relatives and the police department to make sure this is a legitimate request.
The other scam involves sending out letters that say you have won some type of lottery or prize. They may even send a check (which is no good) for you to deposit in your account, but then they want you to wire them some cash to pay for taxes on the winnings. These are not legitimate companies. A legitimate lottery will not ask you to send them cash up front, if you receive these mailings just throw them away and do not give anyone involved with them your personal information.