Free upland bird hunting seminar offered in G.J.

RBC I In a continuing effort to provide guidance and instruction to novice and experienced hunters, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is introducing a new, ‘Upland Bird Hunting 101’ seminar on Aug. 29.
Set to begin at 6 p.m., at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Hunter Education Building, 711 Independent Avenue in Grand Junction, 

CPW experts will cover a variety of topics during the free class, including bird habitat, biology, behavior and distribution of native and non-native birds. In addition, hunting regulations, field dressing and recipes will be part of the evening’s discussion.

“Colorado has a large variety of upland game bird species that can be hunted,” CPW education coordinator Kathleen Tadvick said. “It is a popular activity here and across the United States, but there are specific techniques that are important to know for an enjoyable hunt and this will be a great opportunity to learn.”

Tadvick adds that because upland birds are often found in heavy cover, hunters often use dogs to flush and retrieve game and their use will also be among the topics discussed.

Upland Bird Hunting 101 is offered through the Hunter Outreach Program, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife effort.
Space is limited and a reservation is required. To save your spot, call 970-255-6100.