Holiday news from Rangely seniors

RANGELY I Thanksgiving was celebrated at White River Village with a big turkey meal and all the fixings. Twelve guests attended the affair which began at 11 a.m.
Thanksgiving morning when Pastor Dave from Dinosaur arrived with a gallon of his own homemade mashed potatoes … very good. Ruth Meadows cooked for several days and served her cranberry gelatin mold that is certainly the best ever! Dorothy and Tommy Collins shared dinner with us as did a number of the residents of the village. The party was still going strong late into the evening.
Seniors also participated in the Sorority Bazaar the following Sunday, selling raffle tickets for beautiful hand-arranged theme baskets prepared by Loyann Hayes along with a bake sale which was outstanding. Bill and Marilyn Ormsby of Dinosaur (Radino seniors) baked and cooked and cut and cooled all kinds of goodies too numerous to name. The event was a success by all reports.
The 4-H club members came to the Radino Center and spent one morning decorating the outside building and sidewalk. We certainly did appreciate that great work. They put the manger scene in place and all the lights outdoors.
On Monday, Dec. 19, members of the Rangely Town Council and Rio Blanco County Commissioners and their staff joined 40-plus seniors for a big Christmas dinner. That evening another party was at hand — the annual White River Village Christmas dinner and gift exchange. Chris Brasfield went all  out this year in putting on a major celebration.
The Radino daily diners, Eagle Crest residents and White River seniors wish to thank everyone in Rangely for making this the greatest place ever wherein seniors can enjoy life to the max!