Honesty awards given at RJHS

Savannah Nielsen RJHS Student Journalist

Savannah Nielsen
RJHS Student Journalist
RANGELY I Every month at Rangely Junior High School we have a character trait we focus on. Our goal is to improve the quality of our school by promoting positive characteristics within the student body. This month’s character trait was honesty. Honesty is fairness and straightforwardness of conduct (www.merriam-webster.com).
All month, our teachers watch for students who take part in being honest. They then submit their nominations and the whole staff votes for the student who has represented honesty the best. Out of three nominees, one girl and one boy from each grade is chosen as the winner. The winners then get their picture posted on the character trait bulletin board, get a special certificate to take home, and get entered into drawing where they have the chance to win a free hoodie at the end of the semester.
The October winners for exhibiting honesty were sixth graders Aspen Rhea and Jalen Saunders. From seventh grade, Lizzy McCann and Hawthorn Brumm, and our eighth grade winners were Bridgette Rhea and Qwinton Cordova. After being announced and having their pictures taken they participated in a fun activity for the rest of the assembly.
All the winners sat in chairs in front of the stage and the other nominees sat behind them. One of the nominees had to become the winner’s arms and the other one became their feet. Miss Neitenbach then read a wild story about stepping in puddles and being chased by wild dogs. During the story the nominees acted the story out. It was altogether wild and hilarious to experience as the observer and participant!
Next month the character trait our school will focus on is responsibility.