Jr. high Panthers end football season with loss to Cowboys

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RANGELY | The Rangely Junior High School football team traveled to Meeker on Saturday, Sept. 30 to take on a split Meeker squad. The Panther defense came out very strong to start the game by not allowing a positive yard from the Meeker offense until two minutes were left in the first quarter. The Panther defense forced the Cowboy offense to punt on its first two possessions as Zane Varner, Byron Mackay, Timothy Scoggins and Dontea Pearce were able to record tackles for loss in the Cowboy offense.
The Cowboy defense put on the same performance as the Panther defense and the Panther offense stalled on its initial drives of the game. A turnover on a great Cowboy punt resulted in a touchdown for the Cowboys that opened up the scoring for the game and the Cowboys were able to convert on the two point conversion and put themselves up 8-0. On the ensuing kickoff the kick reached the Panther one-yard line and returner Zane Varner slipped while attempting to recover the ball and the ball was downed inside the one-yard line. The Panther offensive line did a great job moving the ball out of the Meeker red zone but the offensive drive stalled and the Panthers were force to punt. The Cowboy return team did a great job on the return and set up the Cowboys in great field position and the Cowboy offense was able to score on their drive which made the score Cowboys 14, Panthers 0 at halftime.
The Panther defense continued to play great in the second half but with the Panther offense not being able to sustain drives to score points the Panther defense tired and the Cowboy offense scored three more touchdowns and converted two of their conversions. The Panther offense was not able to score and the game ended with Meeker 36, Rangely 0.
Due to a cancellation of the last game from North Park Middle School the Rangely Junior High School football season has concluded. The coaching staff would like to thank all of the Rangely parents who traveled to all of the away games and supported the Panthers all season long. The coaches would also like to thank the eighth grade players for three hard years of dedicated success and they are looking forward to coaching the seventh and sixth grade players next year and continue to help them grow.