Landfill coupons in for spring cleaning

RBC | The county continues its annual landfill coupon program again this year. Coupon post cards were mailed Monday to all residents on record.  The coupon allows every household in Rio Blanco County to take one load of debris to the Wray Gulch Landfill at no charge. The county offers this program to help residents de-clutter, get rid of unsightly debris and save money doing it.  A maximum load consists of up to a fully loaded pickup truck and trailer.  Residents may use the coupon anytime until Dec. 31, 2018.  The county encourages those who participate to help neighbors and friends who aren’t able to take advantage of this offer.  There are guidelines and restrictions listed on the back of the coupon, such as no batteries, liquids, ammunition, chemicals or asbestos.  If you have any questions about this program, call the Road and Bridge/Landfill Dept. at 878-9590.