Legal Notices: Dec. 26, 2019

Public Notice
Meeker Housing Authority Vacancies
The Town Board of Trustees is seeking letters of interest from qualified individuals to fill five positions on an Interim Board for the Meeker Housing Authority. Qualifications for the positions are to be: a registered voter within Rio Blanco County; eighteen years of age or older and must have resided within Rio Blanco County for at least twelve consecutive months immediately preceding the date of the appointment. For further information please call Lisa Cook at 878-5344.
Mayor Regas K. Halandras
Board of Trustees
Town of Meeker
Published: December 26, 2019
Rio Blanco Herald Times

April 7, 2020
Any person, who is eligible by law, to be a candidate for the Offices of Mayor or Trustee for the Town of Meeker to be elected at the Municipal Election to be held on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 please take notice:
A candidate’s qualifications for eligibility to hold public office are:
1) Be a registered elector;
2) Attain the age of eighteen years or older on the date of the election and;
3) Reside in the town of Meeker for a period of at least twelve (12) consecutive months immediately preceding the date of the election.
Nomination petitions may be circulated and signed beginning on Tuesday, January 7, 2020. Nomination petitions and an information sheet for prospective candidates will be available at Town Hall, 345 Market Street, Meeker, on or after 8:00 a.m., Tuesday, January 7, 2020. Regular office hours at Town Hall are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
The last day for the circulation and signing of nomination petitions shall be Monday, January 27, 2020, on or before 5:00 p.m. All nomination petitions shall be filed with the Town Clerk at Town Hall by this date and time.
The following Town Officers will be elected at the election:
1) Mayor – two-year term;
2) Three members of the Town Board of Trustees – all four-year terms.
Dated this 18th day of December 2019.
By: Amy Tupy, Town Clerk
Published December 26, 2019, January 2, 9 and 16, 2020.
Rio Blanco Herald Times

Meeker Sanitation District
Accounts Payable November 2019
Total Payroll, $17,690.73
Quickbooks Payroll Svc. Direct Deposit Fee, $31.75
Federal Tax Withholding, $2,026.00
Social Security Withholding, $3,063.13
Medicare Withholding, $716.36
PERA Retirement, $5,517.36
U.S. Postal Service: Postage, $293.68
CEBT: Health, Dental, Vision, Life Ins., $10,728.91
AFLAC: Employee Accident Ins., $41.22
Union Wireless: Cell Phone Svc., $267.84 Customer Refunds: Overpayments, $504.50 Atmos Energy: Natural Gas Svc., $1,120.07 Century Link: Telephone Svc, $340.29
Cimarron Telecom: Broadband, $155.00 Congent, Water Technology: Pump Parts, $339.50
Colorado Analytical Labs: Testing, $132.00
Co Special Dist. State Comp. Insurance: Premiums, $2,805.00 Co.
Special Dist. Property & Liability Ins.: Premiums, $27,993.00
ConvergeOne, Inc: Cloud Backup, $260.50
First Bankcard Visa: Office Supplies, Safety, Shipping, $595.46
Flora Bella: Flowers, $60.00
Grainger: Tubing, Elbow, Connector, $211.04 Jason’s Automotive: Tires & Mount, $648.92
JVA Inc.: Engineering Expenses, $1,627.00 Meeker Auto Parts: Vehicle Maintenance, $74.88
McGuire Auto Parts: Vehicle Maintenance, $108.55
Meeker General Merc.: Salt, $355.25
Meeker San District: Replenish Petty Cash, $65.98
Networking of the Rockies: IT Svc., $300.00 Office Depot: Office Supplies, $365.58
RBC Fleet Management: Fuel, $274.37
Rio Blanco Herald Times: Publish Accts. Payable, Budget Notice, $40.90
SGM, Inc.: Boundary maps, $200.00
Town of Meeker: Water Svc., $24.00
Utility Notification Center: Line Locates, $17.04 Valley Hardware: Misc. Supplies, $46.90
Watt’s: Misc. Supplies, $36.95
White River Dist.: Water, $6.75
WREA: Electric Svc., $5,453.83
Total Accounts Payable, $84,540.24
Published: December 26, 2019
Rio Blanco Herald Times